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Just Imagine Daycare is a giving and developed daycare to

children for over 14 years. We are a licensed base provider

of early education and child rearing. 


Just Imagine Daycare curriculum reflects the centrality of

adult/child interaction in the area of development toward

infants, toddlers, pre-scholars’ and school age children.

Our sole intention is to provide a provocative curriculum,

dedicated to you and your child.


Complimenting the standard curriculum of reading, writing,

and math, Just Imagine Daycare introduces the hands-on

skills of vegetable gardening, bird watching, and other sights

and sounds of nature that research has proven its merits of importance to your child’s overall educational development. 


Not only are the unique outdoor wonders of nature explored, Just Imagine Daycare also provides training in music, art, and Spanish as a second language. So, as you can tell, we’re a daycare that emphasizes alternative education, which is either no longer provided or, given as a minor option in both public and private education today. 


Along with other hands-on developmental skills, your child will surely enjoy a magical time at Just Imagine DaycareOur sole intentions is to provide a provocative curriculum, dedicated to you and your child...Just Imagine the Experience & Fun we'll have.

What's happening in our

neck of

the woods:


Just Imagine daycare specials
August 31, 2015​


Stay connected and informed with the Village of South Holland
August 31, 2015​


With 22,030 residents located in the Chicago Southland region lives its motto, “Faith, Family, Future.”

The Library has long been important to Village residents and to the region, celebrating 50 years of inspired

existence in 2011.
August 31, 2015


Stay connected with us
August 31, 2015​


Stay connected with us
October 17, 2018



Tresa Savage is a wife and mother of two sons and a

daughter. She and her husband, Ken, are co-owners of

Just Imagine Daycare, LLC established in 2005.

Their daughter, Kyra, has joined the family business

by completing all DCFS licensed certification



Tresa decided to start her daycare business while

working as a teacher’s assistant for the South

Holland public elementary school system from

2001 through 2010. There, she enriched her

passion for child care and development.
Since that time, Tresa has earned and received numerous certifications that have credited her daycare as one of the best licensed home daycare services in the south suburban community. She is currently working on her directorship. 


Tresa’s tireless efforts for park renovation have resulted in a beautifully restored Thorndale Park, located directly across from the daycare. Her commitment to peace and safety in her South Holland, Illinois residency is reflected by volunteering in the community watch program; as well as a supporting donor of the after school youth program.  


She also served as a Girl Scout Leader for local troop 150 in South Holland, with her daughter as a Girl Scout member, from 2007 through 2010. And along with her husband and teenage daughter, they all lend a helping hand at the shelter and wayward animal care facility in Homewood, Illinois.
Tresa has confidently invested the resources needed to insure proper attention and care for all children whom the clients have entrusted to her daycare. So come and see for yourself, call
Just Imagine Home Daycare at 708-596-4115, to set an appointment that will surely confirm that the loving support and care for your child are available at Just Imagine Daycare.

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